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Nutrigrow Serum 123 For Dry & Normal Scalp Hair Loss - 1 Kit

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Nutrigrow Serum 123 For Dry & Normal Scalp Hair Loss - 1 Kit

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  • Nutrigrow Serum 123 Dry & Normal





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  • Nutrigrow Hair Nourishment System is the result of years of persistent research into hair loss by a dedicated team. Combining vitamins, minerals, and proteins, the team was able to create the right proportions to naturally stimulate hair growth.
  • The necessary herbs are full of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins and thus was born the unique Nutrigrow natural formula.


  • This formula has proven to deliver unprecedented levels of protection against hair loss and makes hair grow faster, stronger and more youthful than before. Its natural herbal complex is ideal for daily and regular use, without side effects.
  • The highly effective patented formula is like no other brand on the market and will leave your hair luxuriously soft and your scalp healthy.
  • Key Features



  • Prevents hair loss by increasing quality and duration of the anagen phase (active growth phase of the hair).
  • Provides 146% increase in the number of molecules that prevent hair loss.
  • Stimulates cell proliferation (unique mitotic effect) in the hair bulb to increase amount of new hair.
  • Stimulates new hair growth, (growth effect among 67% of the volunteers.)
  • Increases hair growth speed up to 121% and prolongs hair life.
  • Enhances hair anchoring to prevent hair loss.
  • Provides a protecting and repairing effect to the hair follicle.


    Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • NUTRIGROW Serum should be used regularly twice a day for 4-5 months (once in the morning and once in the evening), On a moist or dry scalp, spray enough amount of serum to the area of hair loss .
  • With your fingertips, gently massage the serum into the desired area for 1-2 minutes until the scalp absorbs the serum
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Size6 * 30ml
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