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About product

  • Provides 1 complete set of gels with Photo-Active® effect to continue the intensive treatment started with the Whitening Light Kit +whitening system.
  • An oral device with LED light not supplied.


List of gels

  • Accelerator Pro Gel (1): prepares tooth surface.
  • Photoactive Pro Gel (2): formula for tooth whitening.



  • Intensive professional tooth whitening formulation with OH! White® whitening gel 0.1% hydrogen peroxide + Silver+ Whitening Accelerator with ammonium molybdate.


  • Photoactivated dental whitening action accelerated with cold LED light.
  • INDICATIONS: Diminishes grey and yellowish staining and discoloration appearing over time, caused by tea, coffee, wine, and tobacco.


European quality regulations

  • DELTA LIGHT PRO30 is a whitening product produced under strict quality guidelines according to the requirements of the European Directive for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • Developed in accordance with Directive 2011/84/EU, 20 September 2011, and reviewed and approved by the European CPNP, DENTALIGHT PRO30 offers a 100% cosmetic solution that is much safer than other dental whitening techniques.



  • Tooth whitening products containing less than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide (present or released in the formula) are considered cosmetics under Directive 2011/84/EU of 2011.
  • The decision by the European Union not to consider these items medical products is based on the fact that the main demand is for cosmetic purposes.
  • Oh!White® PROFESSIONAL Whitening Gel contains <0.1% hydrogen peroxide and is, therefore, considered safe, approved by the European Union and 100% cosmetic.
  • This means that the Oh!White® PROFESSIONAL tooth whitening treatment can be administered by professionals from the beauty or cosmetic industries.


Step by step

Shade selection

  • Identify the initial shade of the tooth using the Tooth Shade Scale.
  • Use the canine as a reference (a tooth that is predominantly darker than the rest). The incisors, front teeth, side teeth, and molars are more active and are cleaner and more polished.



  • The user must brush the surface of the enamel using the Oh!White® cleansing tooth wipe for 30 seconds.
  • The enamel must be free from any remains of food on the surface. Any dirt on the teeth before treatment could prevent the Oh!White® whitening gel from penetrating the enamel.



  • Give the user the mouth prop and indicate how it should be fitted.
  • Position the mouth prop in a U shape. The long tabs are placed into the corner of the mouth.
  • This allows for the mouth area to be opened to make work easier.



  • Apply 4 drops of Silver+ Whitening Accelerator to the top or bottom of the mouth tray and 1.5 ml of Oh!White® whitening gel.
  • Mix the two products evenly (be particularly careful not to turn the mouth tray upside down as the two products have different densities and could drip).
  • Perform the same operation in the other mouth tray. Inform the user on how to position the mouth tray.


LED Exposure

  • Expose to LED for 10 minutes using protective glasses (user and professional).
  • The whitening gel activation undergoes a chemical process that consists of giving of oxygen released by the active whitening agent.
  • This causes oxidation and subsequently breaks down molecules (polyphenols) that darken the tooth.
  • Once the exposure time is complete, rinse the mouth tray and mouth prop for another 15-minute session.


Additional Preparation and Application

  • Repeat the Cleaning (Step 2), Placement (Step 3), Preparation (Step 4) and Application (Step 5) procedure once again (Complete Treatment) or another two times (Intensive Treatment), depending on the desired effect.


Final Shade Selection

  • Check the new shade of the teeth using the Tooth Shade Scale
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