PAMPERS baby diapers | Size 1| 112 diapers

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Pampers baby diapers size 1

Pampers no 1 premium care baby diapers suitable for new born babies weighing 2-5 kg :

The Pampers Diapers, especially premium care group, are distinguished by silky softness in addition to many other features including:
  1. extra absorb channels: distribute wetness evenly for trusted dryness and less wet bulk.
  2. baby lotion; to keep wetness away and help prevent irritation of your baby's skin.
  3. absorb-away layer: pulls wetness away to keep your baby dry.
  4. wetness indicator: turns blue to show when your baby wets his diaper.
  5. umbilical friendly shape: provides most comfortable fit around your newborn's umbilical cord.
  6. silky softness: silky soft materials wrapping your baby in comfort and skin protection.

How to use Pampers 1:

  • Clean your hands well.
  • Place the nappy on the table or the place designed for this process.
  • Put the baby in the middle of the nappy.
  • Close the flexible adhesive tape from both sides evenly.

Five tips from Pampers to avoid leaks and diaper blasts:

1. Avoid the leaking of nappies by choosing the appropriate size of the nappy, which is determined by weight to determine the proper size range for your child. Because of the differences in babies' shapes, you may notice overlapping in size. No worries if your baby is out of range, but the diaper size is appropriate.
2 - Make sure that the nappy is under the child's navel.
3 - Move your finger around the nappy folds to make sure that the ends of the diaper are not inserted into the inside and therefore causing leakage.
4. close the adhesive tape evenly, as Pampers diapers contain a flexible strap that fits your baby's movement and shape.
5. Diaper blisters occur due to improper diaper wearing, which may occur due to the excessive movement of the child during the process of changing diapers, being in a hurry or using a nappy size that is not suitable for your baby's weight or size.
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Size 112 DIAPERS
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