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Pharmaceris Vit-C 5% White Serum - 30 Ml

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Pharmaceris Vit-C 5% White Serum - 30 Ml

Product Name






Main Category

  • Serum



  • Lightening Serum



  • Pharmaceries vitamin C serum used for the daily care of the skin (face, neck, arms) with hyperpigmentation, brown marks or uneven tone.
  • Protect the collagen layer and promote the synthesis of it which can protect from wrinkles- Enhance skin elasticity- Recommended for sensitive, dry skin.
  • Pharmaceries serum contains Vitamin C that lightens hyperpigmentation and evens out the skin tone by inhibiting active tyrosinase which is the key enzyme involved in melanogenesis. Effectively stimulates skin’s natural regeneration.
  • Concentrate penetrates deep into the skin where it stimulates the synthesis of fiber-Forming collagen proteins and protects them.
  • It reduces wrinkles by enhancing skin elasticity and tightness.
  • Vitamin E scavenges excess free radicals thereby delaying the skin aging process


Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Apply it daily in the morning or at bedtime, applying it to the clean skin. Spread the concentrate gently over the skin in circular motions. Use daily for at least 4-6 weeks and repeat a few times per year.


Other Information

  • Free parabens, alcohol, preservatives.
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Size 30 Ml
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