PIGEON Pure Cotton Swabs - 100 Pcs

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PIGEON Pure Cotton Swabs - 100 Pcs


  • PIGEON Pure Cotton Swabs - 100 Pcs



  • PIGEON’s pure cotton buds made from 100% pure cotton, Naturally absorbent and gentle and stem made from flexible and soft paper.



  • Cotton Buds.



  • 100 Buds.



  • Clean the outer ear for adults and children, makeup application and removal.


Product Features:

  • It cleans and dries the ears of adults and children.
  • Safe to use with children.
  • It can be used for makeup application and removal and for cleaning around eyes and sensitive areas.
  • Soft, flexible and ideal for daily hygiene.
  • The tip of the bud is made of 100% pure cotton and flexible paper stem.


Instructions for use:

  • Use cotton buds with extreme care to avoid pushing the wax into the ear, causing it to clog.
  • Put a few drops of olive oil or wax dissolving drops. That allows the wax to come out easily.
  • Then clean the ear opening from the wax using the cotton buds and avoid pushing the wax inside.
  • The old wax moves from the inner ear canal to the ear opening naturally by chewing, talking, or just moving the jaw.
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Size 100pcs
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