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Qv Intensive Moisturising Cleanser 250Gm

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Qv Intensive Moisturising Cleanser 250Gm

The name:


Description :

The QV Face & Neck Cleanser gently cleanses the skin and helps to deeply moisturize the face, soften the skin and protect it from dryness and scaling.

Size :

250 ml.

Shape :

Face lotion.

Use :

Lotion for dry and very dry skin helps to moisturize the skin and restore the freshness of the face

- Face and neck lotion

- Sensitive skincare.

- Clean dry skin, cracked skin and very rough places.

- Assistant treatment in dry skin and irritation.

- Daily skincare and face filter by removing impurities and dust

Effective Formula:

Vitamin E


- Soft white paraffin

- Citric acid

- Xanthan gum.

-Summer of safflower flower

Features and characteristics:

- Suitable for sensitive skin as it is fragrance-free.

- It has a soap-free detergent base to protect the skin from dryness after daily care to maintain the natural moisturizing substances within the cells.

- Suitable for sensitive, dry and very dry skin.

- Specially designed with a chemical formula that keeps skin hydrated and supple after cleansing without causing skin allergies or skin irritation.

- Rich in vitamin E, known for its antioxidant action, which protects the skin from the damage of free radicals acquired from daily environmental factors.

Instructions for use:

Use in the morning and evening on wet skin, massage gently and rinse thoroughly with water

skin dryness :

It is not a serious disease in itself, but it can turn into more advanced conditions such as eczema

Some symptoms of dry skin:

- Skin tightening especially after bathing or swimming

- Itching dry skin

- Roughness, peeling of the skin, redness and superficial and deep cracks

Causes of dry skin:

-weather :

Skin dryness increases in winter as temperature and humidity decrease.

- Hot water: Bathing with hot water as well as frequent swimming cause dry skin

- Soap with harsh chemicals: specially designed to get rid of the oil layer on the skin, which leads to dry skin

- Some conditions: eczema and psoriasis patients.

Prevention of dry skin:

Moisturizing: Good moisturizers prevent moisture loss and keep it inside the skin

- Stop using harmful soaps: Use cleaning creams and shower gel containing moisturizers

- Use medical gloves: Use medical gloves when dealing with detergent and water in your household.

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