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Remove Hair Removal Squeeze Wax Normal Hair - 100 Ml

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Remove Hair Removal Squeeze Wax Normal Hair - 100 Ml

Product name

  • Remove squeeze wax normal hair 100ml



  • Remove


Main category

  • Body & skin care



  • Hair depilatory cream & wax



  • No need to heat formula! Ready to use!
  • Specially designed for efficient use on body and enables extremely easy use, just squeeze and use.
  • It is an innovative product produced from real beeswax and equipped with features enabling you to use wherever you like and experience the effective, fast, and easy waxing.
  • ""normal hair"" and ""sensitive skins"".



  • 100% liposoluble wax
  • The formula needs no heating
  • Roll-on applicator
  • It doesn't contain colophon resin, paraben, mineral oils, and sugar.


Instructions for use/ how to use

  • Take off the cap and safety seal from the tube and place the application head by turning to clockwise. Before the application, squeeze the tube slowly from the Remove logo using your two hands firmly by pressing on it. Continue to squeeze until the wax comes out from the application head. Apply the wax with the roll-on applicator on your skin towards the hair growth direction as a thin layer. Stick the waxing paper on the waxed area without leaving air bubbles towards the hair growth direction firmly by pressing on it. Stretch your skin with one hand and pull the waxing paper fastly using the other hand towards the opposite direction of hair growth and parallel to your skin.


Other information

  • 1 squeeze wax 100 ml
  • 5 pcs of waxing paper
  • 1 roll-on applicator
  • 1 user instructions


Size/ pack content

  • 100 ml
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