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Ronalac, Baby Milk Number 1, From 0-6 Months - 850 Gm

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Ronalac, Baby Milk Number 1, From 0-6 Months - 850 Gm



Ronalac 1 is an infant milk formula suitable for babies from birth to 6 months.


  • Ronalac 1 comes in a can of 850 gm.


Infant milk formula suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months.

Product features:

  • Neutral protein ratio whey to casein 60:40 easy to digest.
  • Easy to digest protein.
  • It provides essential amino acids profile closer to breast milk.
  • Contains monosaccharaides to minimize gas formation.
  • Contains lactoferrin to increase iron bioavailability and as an immune booster.

How to prepare Ronalac:

Put 1 scoop for every 30 ML of water.



Infant flatulence:

Infants and neonates have bigger chances to swallow air during their feeding and daily routine like when they are:

  • Eating whether food source is a breast or bottle.
  • Sucking a pacifier.
  • Or even crying.

When this air becomes trapped in the GIT tract of your infants, they become bloating, uncomfortable, and crying.

Advice to make your baby feels better and minimize gas trapping:

  • Feeding position: When your baby is on breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, try to keep his head in a higher position than his stomach so that the milk goes down in the stomach and the airs come to the top (better position is in 45 degrees).
  • The traditional way “Burp your baby”: After feeding your baby try to burp him by putting him on your shoulder and gently hitting his upper back.
  • Switch your feeding-bottle: In 2 cases, if a slow-flow nipple or small neck that does not cover your baby’s mouth and allows too much air entrance.
  • Take (OTC) medications: There are some medications that absorb gases without any harm to your baby and can be taken under your doctor or pharmacist supervision.
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Size 850gm
Brand Ronalac™
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