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Rvb Microbioma Hydrating Serum - 30 Ml

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Rvb Microbioma Hydrating Serum - 30 Ml

    Product Name

  • Rvb Microbioma Hydrating Serum 30Ml



  • Rvb


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  • Serum



  • Hydrating Serum



  • Mircobiome On The Surface Of The Skin There Are Naturally Millions Of Good Bacteria That Protect It From External Agents And Ageing Processes. This Ecosystem, Physiological And Invisible, Takes The Name Of Cutaneous "Microbiome".
  • Microbiome By Rvb Lab The Skin Rebalances The Cutaneous Microbiome To Preserve The Health And The Beauty Of The Skin And Makes Its Barrier Functions Stronger, Counteracting The Inflammatory Processes, Dehydration And Ageing.
  • Hydro-Repairing Concentrate, It Gives The Skin Intense And Prolonged Hydration. Ideal To Quench Thirst And Restore Well-Being To Dry, Stressed Or Attacked By External Agents.
  • Thanks To The Revibiome System, It Balances The Ecosystem Of Good Bacteria, Physiologically Present On The Skin Surface, Soothes And Strengthens The Skin, Counteracting The Processes Of Irritation, Dehydration, And Aging.



  • Hydrate.
  • Repair.


    Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Apply Twice Daily.
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Size30 Ml
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