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Sana Touch Whitening Cream 50 Ml

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Sana Touch Whitening Cream 50 Ml

Touch me whitening cream

Description: a natural product with a unique formula to provide whiteness and brightness to skin. works on moisturizing and unifying skin color
Shape: cream 50gm

Used for:

*provide brightness to dark skin
*prevent melanin formation responsible for the dark color of skin
*reduce lighten specks
*moisturizing action to the dry skin


*natural 100% does not contain hydroquinone
*unique formula with trusted results
*used for sensitive area, skin, and face


- licorice extract
It works on lightening the skin color and whitening naturally, because it contains materials peeled for the skin and renewed cells
Treats pimples, oily pills and some types of eczema infections because they contain anti-inflammatory agents

-Aloe vera extract
whitens the color of the skin because it contains a fatty acid called linoleic, which nourishes the skin and reduces the dryness and exhaustion also protects them from the damage of exposure to ultraviolet
Reduces the symptoms of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots as a result of aging because it contains antioxidants
Moisturizing the skin because it contains cellulose

-Emblica extract
An antioxidant prevents the cracking of collagen skin and therefore works on lightening the skin

-Vit c
Anti-oxidant therefore works to lighten the skin and give it brightness and protects it from radiation UV and protects them from the appearance of wrinkles or dark spots
Moisturizing the skin because it increases the production of elastin, which is increase thickness of the skin so it retain its moisture

-lactic acid
It exfoliates skin, renews cells, removes stains and gives them brightness and vitality
Delays the appearance of signs of aging and wrinkles

How to use:

Apply appropriate amount to skin, face and sensitive areas with gentle massage

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