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Sanita Elegance Adult Diapers X Large - 16 Pcs

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Sanita Elegance Adult Diapers X Large - 16 Pcs

sanita elegance incontinence briefs size x-large suitable for waist size 90 cm to 164 cm

sanita diapers incontinence briefs specifications : 

1- An extremely soft layered surface for abetter comfort and protecting the body against humidity.
2- The S.A material ensures high efficient absorbency for greater security reinforced by leakage barrier.
3- New frontal panel allowing the repositioning of the tapes as needed for adjustment
4- Wider fit sizes
5- Double absorbent layer
6- Breathable waist.
7- Cotton feel
8- Odor neutralizer
9- Wetness indicator

Tips for prevention of bed sores in Elderly persons:

why bed sores formed?

1- The bed sores occur in the elderly as a result of the exposure of the skin to the continuous pressure between the bed and bones, resulting in decreasing blood flow to the skin layers

2- it also occurs as a result of prolonged lying, and
lack of proper ventilation of the skin

How can we prevent inflammation and the formation of bed sores?

1. Continuous change of position, This is every two hours if the patient spends most of the time in bed and, every 15 minutes if the patient is unable to move, disabled or uses a wheelchair.

2 - lying on the side at an angle of 30 degrees.

3 - using special beds and mattresses to reduce the pressure on the skin.

4. Do not put pads under the knee because this will reduce the blood flow to the feet.

5 the use of foam pillows or ones made of gel, which works to reduce the pressure on the skin, but does not ignore the continuous changing of position.

6 - daily examination of the skin, whether the patient does this by himself or a family member and focus on the examination of places exposed to pressure.

7 - If you notice a change in the color of the skin, such as redness, the pressure should be relieved from this place, cleaned well and put a prophylactic cream from the rash.

8. If you noticed a bad odor, hardness in the skin or heat in the area prone to injury, you should refer to your healthcare provider for appropriate treatment.

9 - attention to the healthy nutrition of the patient because in most cases, most patients suffering from poor appetite and lack of desire to eat so attention must be given to the food needed for the patient in that critical period.

10. If the patient has diabetes, intensive care and follow-up should be provided by the physician.

11. Continuous massage of places suffering from continuous pressure.
More Information
Size 16 Diapers
Brand Sanita
Package Bag
Product Function Leak Protection
Product Form Adult Diaper
Gender Unisex
Area Covered Pelvic
Volume X Large
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