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Silverlon Cloth Mask Anti Microbial 1 Pc

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Silverlon Cloth Mask Anti Microbial 1 Pc

Product Name

  • Reusable Silver Mask



  • Silverlon


Main Category

  • Health and Wellness



  • Personal Care



  • Silverlon Face Masks uses pure Silver to make every surface antimicrobial.
  • Silverlon™ is a nylon material coated with 99% pure silver and 1% silver oxide.
  • When silver ions are activated with moisture, the ions kill a wide range of pathogens.



  • Silverlon contains a huge reservoir of silver ions, which kills pathogens.
  • Every surface is antimicrobial, and in independent laboratory tests, has been
  • shown to kill many pathogens in the fabric, including drug-resistant pathogens (Bacteria, Viruses) and fungi.


Instructions for use/ How to Use

  • Recommend washing prior to first use, and after every use(Washed up to 30 times).
  • Put loops over ears and adjust to comfort.
  • Ensure coverage of the nose and mouth.
  • Avoid touching the outer layer of the mask or your face upon removal.
  • Put into safe storage or wash directly when removed.


Other information

  • FDA approved against Covid-19


Size/ Pack content

  • 1 Face Mask/ box
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Size 1KIT
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