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Thausne Sleeping Pillow Cervical + Small - 1 Pc

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Thausne Sleeping Pillow Cervical + Small - 1 Pc


  • Small



  • Thausne sleeping pillow using for enhancing neck support and ease of pain
  • Also, it's designed to keep the neck and head properly aligned.



  • Fits perfectly at home on your sofa, recliner, or in your bed as bed rest while reading or watching TV
  • Also, take it with you on the go; it fits great in airplane seats and vehicle seats to prevent and reduce neck stiffness on trips.


Uses – How to use?

  • Thausne helps you to turn your favorite chair into a more ergonomically correct solution! Add this ergonomically shaped pillow during sleeping



  • Easy Clean
  • High comfortable
  • Even Support
  • Highly-resilient


Good for

  • (Poor Posture, Daily Fatigue, Traveling)
  • Recommended by Physical Therapists, and Healthcare Professionals to Ease and Prevent Neck Pain during sleeping
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